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Need a Home Inspector?
  • Is your home contaminated with meth?
  • Is the home you are buying contaminated?

One of the latest real estate concerns in the Northern Utah is meth contamination, and we can perform the important Meth Hazard Screen Survey for you in a timely manner. The financial liabilities are real and they are stacked against whomever currently owns the property. Until the Utah laws are changed, it's definitely a buyers beware market.

MLC INSPECTIONS - Michael Leavitt & Co Inspections, Inc. is the premier inspection firm in Northern Utah for inspections on commercial and residential properties. Whether you are dealing with moisture entry, stucco issues, or you are just worried about radon, lead-based paint, or termite infestations, we are the inspection firm of choice since 1995.

Michael LeavittWe do not perform meth decontamination clean-ups, and therefore we have no vested interest in the outcome of the test sample results. Order your Meth Hazard Screen Survey today!

Michael Leavitt & Co Inspections, Inc.

UTAH METH LEVELS - Under the current State Rule 392-600, when a property has been identified as a lab and has had police activity, decontamination is required. The current standard for decontamination is 1.0 µg/100cm² (micrograms per 100 centimeters squared).

NEUTRAL THIRD PARTY TESTING - Hiring a professional firm to evaluate the property for methamphetamine contamination will provide you a more complete picture of the contamination evidences present on the property. As neutral third parties, we have no vested interest in the outcome of the report (Read the Conflict of Interest story).

Are you aware that according to current Utah law, Decontamination Specialists must perform their own clearance testing on the work they have performed? We all know this is a conflict of interest. Allowing the clean-up firm to do their own clearance testing is just like placing the fox in the hen house for your asset protection.... Simply ludicrous.

To better protect yourself, we highly recommend that you hire your own testing firm to perform duplicate clearance testing to verify that the clean-up firm has actually completed their job.

Although an added expense, neutral third party meth testing will help prevent the "Alkinani Family's" nightmare of having to pay $30,000 for additional decontamination clean-up after moving into their newly purchased home (Read this Deseret News story).

CLIENTS - Meth testing clients include commercial property investors, home buyers, property managers, home owners, and renters.

SELF-TESTING - Self-testing can save considerable amounts of money, but all that is provided is a nearly incomprehensible one page report from the lab that states the methamphetamine contamination levels in the sample delivered to the lab.

METH HAZARD SCREEN SURVEYS - This professional sampling service provides a detailed report that includes a visual inspection of the property for meth contamination evidences and quality controlled sampling. Fees start at $385 for this service and are increased according to the number and types of samples taken for lab analysis.

Due to the large financial decisions that rely upon the outcome of the methamphetamine contamination test results, we do not recommend self-testing alone when making these important decisions. Call upon Michael Leavitt & Co Inspections, Inc. to perform your Meth Hazard Screen Survey today.

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